Wolfenbüttel the home of Jägermeister

Germany 2013 50th wedding aniversary, home of Jägermeister, Wolfenbüttel



Trip to Braunschweig 2013

German Typography - Braunschweig

German Typography – Braunschweig

Brighton – Dion’s 40th Birthday

Antiques market in Brighton

Walking through the Lanes in Brighton

Dion's 40th Birthday in Brighton

New Quay – Easter holiday in Wales

West Wales - Beach - Cardigan Bay

Colourful Houses in Cardigan Bay - West Wales

Blue Houses in Cardigan Bay - West Wales

Scrapped Vintage British Cars - Along the road driving to West Wales

Honeymoon in Brighton

Honeymoon in Brighton

Holiday in France 2011

French holiday 2011

We stayed at a new place this year, a double fronted stone house surrounded by amber corn fields.  It was beautiful, winding staircases, wooden shutters, crazy flocked wall paper and an attic like something out of a novel.   As is our general custom we ate our body weight in baguettes and celeriac remoulade.  The girls enjoyed themselves at a local Rock Festival, my eldest taking her five minutes of fame ‘playing’ lead guitar alongside Normandy’s answer to Jack Black.  All in all a wicked time was had by all.

My favorite brocante store

My favorite brocante store

My favourite brocante store, the old dude that runs it is a sweetie but insists on babbling at my slightly vacant face as I struggle with my ‘Tricolore’ GCSE French.  This year I have promised myself some refresher classes so I can converse a little better with him next time. How do you say ‘nice jugs love’?

Empty house by the Sea

Old Empty House by the Sea

Just down the road from where we stay in Normandy is a derelict house by the sea.  This summer we noticed an eerie piece of graffiti on the side of the house that has suddenly appeared.  So we took the camera and jumped over the garden wall to investigate.  It was a beautiful house but had been completely trashed inside, no doors or windows had left it open to the elements and some French people/person who liked vodka and drugs.  It was quite a rush staring into the strange rooms, some were reminiscent of the final scene of The Blair Witch Project.  I was waiting to see something horrific in a corner through all the carnage but instead I found some small fragments of beauty and all to the sound of birdsong and the waves nearby.

First Flea Market 5am

France Vide Grenier - Flea Market  - 5am Start

This holiday was a good one for  Vide Greniers and markets. It was a painfully early start each time but as always completely worth the many hours spent scouring each and every table top. This trip we were heavily focused on our wedding and finding table settings and colourful pieces to brighten the barn for our reception.  We are excited to bring a touch of France to our celebration, I am wondering if I should start a wedding crockery hire business. It is hard work collecting enough pieces to make an impact, lucky I love doing it I suppose.

Lochbuie Estate, Mull

We stayed only a week and we ate the freshest scallops, Chips and mushy peas in Tobermorey ( Balamorey if you are a passive cbeebies watcher), walked along deserted beaches occupied only by Oyster Catchers and Eider Ducks, climbed up thick mossy  hillsides to sit and look silently out across the sea and spent time just with the grand parents and our little ladies without interruption.

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