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Doliy Days Wedding Blog for Pearls Prop's

Doliy Days Wedding Blog for Pearls Prop’s


Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

A frozen morning at Woodside

Beginning of winter 2012 0Beginning of winter 2012 1Beginning of winter 2012 3Beginning of winter 2012 2

We make London 2012

We make London 2012 - Spitalfields market


Laura & Tom’s Autumn Wedding

Laura and Tom's autumn wedding - Nov 2012Pearl’s Props was very proud to be a part of Laura and Tom’s wedding this Autumn.   They hung a vibrant array of paper pom poms from the beams of the beautiful in Petworth.  Laura used her late grandma’s jug collection for the table flowers and a large selection of vintage crockery from Pearl’s Props, each setting was completely individual. I had to get lots of pictures, it looked so good.


Dried Flowers - Autumn at DelphinaDried Alliums, Leek flowers and Hydrangeas from our garden.

Textile upcycling project complete

Upcycling project complete - Delphina handmade stock


Delphina lavender bags - Upcycled vintage fabric with local lavender

The Delphina sweatshop

The Delphina Sweat Shop photo MantageThere are works in progress on the table once again in the form of hand embroidery, tapestry and vintage curtains.  It is the culmination of 7 years collecting textiles from markets and shops.

Delphina Sweat Shop Buttons and Braid

My first experience of a proper flea market was when my in-laws took us to Brugge where I was faced with literally miles of table tops and open car boots displaying incredible patterns, textures and colours. I went crazy for braiding, embroidered tape and plaster Madonnas…and Leffe.

Delphina Sweat Shop Lampshades and Fabrics

As we head towards Christmas 2012 I usually feel the need to invade my mum’s studio/hideaway.  So the new winter collection of cushions for Delphina is being created, rural themed, colourful/larey, some embroidered others tapestry but each one made with a lot of thought and a great deal of love and attention.

Normandy 2012

French Holiday - Normandy 2012

Punting in Cambridge

A rainy day punting in Cambridge

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